Out with the Old

by Fear the Concept

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    This is our debut EP, "Out with the Old". We've put a lot of time into this album, and we hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it.

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Fear the Concept's debut 6-track EP, "Out with the Old"


released August 19, 2013

Will Snyder - Producer/Engineer
Cody Hebda - "The Downfall"



all rights reserved


Fear the Concept Orlando, Florida

5-Piece post-hardcore band from Orlando, FL

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Track Name: Here's to the Past
We all have times when we
Can't help but feel alone
Drowning in our sorrows
Caught in the undertow
Go, don't ever slow down
Go, and be reborn
Go, release your spirit
Free yourself and ride upon this storm

It's never easy to let go
Of what you love
Even when the painful scars it's left behind
Are greater than all of the stars up above
So close your eyes tonight
And forget all the strife
Let your demons fade away
Time heals all so say
So long to yesterday
Some things are better left as memories

Stop feeling so lost
Find it in yourself to let it go
Don't dwell on insignificance
You get one life so make it one to show
Watch your problems crumble
Feel your worries fade
Just forgive and forget
Live life for today


Once you move on, don't ever look back
But let's raise a toast and a here's to the past

Track Name: Faith in the Faithless
I have given up
On the faith I had in the ones around me
Did you hear me?
I have given up
On the hope that peace will ever come my way
Repeat what I say

I've turned the other cheek for the last time
You've bit the hand that feeds
All trust has been lost
I have felt this way too long

Done, I'm taking over the world
So get ready, 'cause it's about to go down
I said I'm done, I'm taking over the world
So get ready, 'cause it's about to go down

I've finally come to realize that nobody cares,
So I will take what I want and burn the rest to the gorund
It's time to act on the fact that you can't hold me back
I'll leave my mark without ever even making a sound

I gave this world a chance, I really did
But now I've given up
I lost my motivation
So now I've decided to shake things up
To change my path of inspiration

Fuck them all
They never once gave a damn
Fuck them all
It was all a part of your master plan
Fuck them all

You always wanted me to conform
Well careful what you wish for
Cause now I'm as destructive as the rest of them
And if you think you're safe, think again
I'm coming for you
Track Name: Self/Less
Watch where you step
You never know who could be looking
Your life may mean nothing to you
But someone always sees
Someone always takes note
So live, just live
If not for yourself, then for those around you
Stray from the norm and brave this storm

Be someone's star
Be someone's savior
Be someone's light when they're stuck in the dark
You are the hero
You're the example
You are the one that the young will look up to
Hang on, hang on, hang on 'til the break of dawn
Hang on, hang on, we'll be home soon, it won't be long

What's it gonna take to make you realize this isn't about you
Taking the cowards way out is selfish
You may be someone's reason to live,
So not only are you giving up on yourself
But you're letting down the person you could've saved

You only get one life, and only one choice
You are only one person with only one voice,
But, if you can save just one soul
From being there, and that alone
It's your life, and your choice to make

Remember, this life is a gift you've been given
No need for a thank you, just never forget it

Life's too short to play these fucking games

Track Name: Out with the Old
Forgive me for what I'm about to do
It's for the best, so when it's over
Just remember
Just remember that I did it for you
I dug myself a hole and I just can't climb out
But given,
Given a gun and some time to myself
I know that I can relieve all this pain
I'll numb up my soul and quit being afraid
I'm falling
I'm falling off
I'm falling off so fucking hard

What a shame that it's come down to this
My world has grown dull and I can't find a fit
I've become a burden to myself and to you
It's gotten to the point where death is all I can choose

I've lost all hope in what lies ahead
I serve no purpose in the now
So what the fuck's the point of carrying on
When all I do is bring my loved ones down
Mom, I love you, this wasn't your fault
Sissy, I love you, shoot for the stars
Others, I love you, please stay strong
Friends, you are the reason that I made it this long


I've given up on me
Track Name: Father
You brought me into this great unknown
A life of wonder with some room to grow
When you left, I faced this world alone
My cries for help met by a silent phone
I came, you went
What a fucking life well-spent
So go like before
It won't hurt me anymore

Don't call yourself a father because that's never what you've been
You're a lie, a fake, and a broken promise
The job of dad requires the responsibility of a man
And that's something you have none of
So don't call me when you need a hand
Because I'll remember when I didn't have one

Father, tell me where have you been?
Why did you throw me away? Father don't push me
Father don't push me away

When I am grown I know just what I'll do
I'll light the path and guide my childs' view
It's really not that hard, and not uncommon to
To be a man, to stick it through
To be a better fucking father than you


Father I tell you, father I tell you...

You're not my father, you never were
Blood only runs so deep
The death of you would be reality
'Cause in my mind you always were to me